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Benefits of a german residence/settlement permit

22. Februar 2013

What are the reasons of coming to Germany and staying here?

They are so many and varied like life itself. The benifits are also diverse:

  1. Entry to Germany and unlimited stay in a powerfull economic country with a good legal system

  2. Travel without visa and border-controll through all countries of Schengen Area

  3. Right to work or engage as an investor without limitations in all EU-countries

  4. Access to public and private German health system

  5. Provide your children the possibillity of going to school and/or studying in Germany

  6. Unlimited residence permit is a stronger title than a visa (especially in case of crisis)

  7. In some cases also simplification of access to additional countries (e.g. business/visitor to the USA, Great Britain etc.).

I came to Germany in 1989 just as the Berlin wall was broken down. I wanted to study law at the university. They said to me, o.k. that´s fine, just show us your residence permit. So i went to the foreigners´ registration office. They told me: no problem, we will give you one, when you show us your certificate of matriculation. I had just question marks in my head. Since then things have changed. What has not changed are problems with authorities in a general sense.

aufenthaltsprobleme“ will and can help you to obtain a residence or settlement permit. My law office will take care of all necessary applications and proceedings by all German authorities and ensure that your right of residence continues to be protected. But not only these rights need to be protected, even more your human rights, then in some cases the authorities are not acting lawful. About those cases, about problems with the residence and resulting problems this blog „aufenthaltsprobleme“ reports. For example, is it lawful to be forced to give all 10 fingerprints by applying for a residence permit, when you are the father of a German child? No it is not. Is it lawful for the foreigners‘ registration office to do a house search, without search warrant? No, it is not. This list can be continued. Often clients come to me after problems have occurred. My advice is to get legal assistance before starting any procedure, because it is better to be safe than sorry.


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